Methanol Lab

Methanol Synthesis

Codename: #teamMS

The methanol synthesis unit is a small scale Lurgi process and its main function is to convert the H2 and CO2 input to a mixture of methanol and water.  H2 and CO2 are fed into the reactor and this mixture reacts over a CuZnAl2O3 catalyst. The main reason for selecting the Lurgi process is its relative simplicity: no water gas shift reaction is needed thus the number of components and consequently the total capex of the system is expected to be lower.


This team will consists of several teammembers focussing on different parts of the project.

  • Process modeling (calculate stuff)

Continue the development of the reactor model that has been currently developed. If you are interested in CFD then this is very interesting for you.

  • Component design (draw stuff)

3D CAD design of the third and fourth version of the reactor, FEM analysis and rapid prototyping for developing subcomponents.

  • Experimenting / Testing (build stuff)

One teammembers will focus on running experiments with the new version of the reactor. Experiments include testing different catalysts, checking the energy efficienty etc. Another important part is to build the new and improved version of the reactor!

Personal Skills

Process & Energy Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Industrial Design

Software Skills

COCO Simulator / Aspen
Fusion 360 / Solid Works

For this team we are looking for

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