Microfluidic pump 2

Fluid Machinery

Codename: #teamFM

Several subsystems contain fluid handling machinery: Pumps, compressors, valves etc. These components require special care, as they are not (all) available on the scale of the plant, without modification. These components must be designed for: high efficiency, long lifetime, corrosion/fouling resistance and low cost manufacturing.


The main focus is on the development of the compressor, the valves are supplied by a partner. The aim is to improve the current compressor design (including building it).

  • Process modeling (calculate stuff)

Design calculations have to be made in order to get the right compressor dimensions. There is allready a calculation sheet available which needs to be improved.

  • Component design (draw stuff)

Developing a 3D CAD model amd doing a FEM analysis.

  • Experimenting / Testing (build stuff)

The new compressor design has to be built and tested to see if the pressure ratio is obtained.

Personal Skills

Process & Energy Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Industrial Design

Software Skills

COCO Simulator / Aspen
Fusion 360 / Solid Works

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