Control system

Control System

Codename: #teamCO

The methanol production unit is heavily influenced by external factors such as the intensity of the sun, proximity of clouds and air humidity. First each subsystem is modelled using the basic governing equations and in a later stage data is available which can be used to describe the behavior of the system. The design of a controller ideally happens parallel to the development of the theoretical and data models. The control unit processes all data from subsystems and then sends signals to the actuators in order to control the whole process. Because the control unit must run on a low cost CPU unit, (Arduino/RaspberryPi) the controller sorftware must not be too heavy.


  • Process modeling (calculate stuff)

Develop the software modelling framework. Develop the controller.

  • Component design (draw stuff)

Developing the casing and organize the wiring.

  • Experimenting / Testing (build stuff)

Build hardware & test the software.

Personal Skills

Controller Design
Chemical Engineering
Industrial Design
Process & Energy Engineering

Software Skills

COCO Simulator / Aspen
Fusion 360 / Solid Works

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