Direct Air Capture

Codename: #teamDAC

The Direct air capture team is responsible for obtaining sufficient quantities of CO2 for the process. The current process is vacuum – temperature swing adsorption and consists of  three phases:

  1. Adsorption phase: air is continuously fanned through a chamber, CO2 and H2O are adsorbed.
  2. Vacuum creation phase: inthis phase, the chamber is pumped toward vacuum.
  3. Desorption phase: at elevated temperatures, and lower (partial) pressures, the CO2 & H2O desorb


This team consists of multiple teammembers focussing on different parts of the project.

  • Process modeling (calculate stuff)

The Adsorption/desorption process is dynamically modeled in matlab/Python. Heat transfer  and thermal management are taken into account whilst also focussing on the design of the process flow diagram.

  • Component design (draw stuff)

The system is modelled in Funsion 360 (3D CAD), if relevant FEM / CFD is applied.Rapid prototyping methods are applied to test subcomponents.

  • Experimenting / Testing (build stuff)

The sorbent package undergoes rigorous testing. The different component are built, integrated and tested.

Personal Skills

Process & Energy Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Industrial Design

Software Skills

COCO Simulator / Aspen
Fusion 360 / Solid Works

For this team we are looking for

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