Our Story

Discover how we capture and convert CO2 into valuable circular liquid Methanol.

The Micro-Plant & solar methanol farms

We develop a fully automated, modular, air to methanol micro-plant which will be connected directly to a solar panel. Scale will be obtained by building solar methanol farms: methanol production facilities consisting of large numbers (40.000+) of micro-plants and solar panels. Because of the modularity solar methanol farms can easily be scaled to any size: numbering up through mass production!

Core Technologies

ZEF combines three core technologies into one low cost unit including support systems. All core technologies have potential for stand-alone applications.


Direct Air Capture

In the first step CO2 and water are co-captured from the air. ZEF is working on a unique concept which has the potential to drastically reduce the cost per tonne CO2 captured.


Alkaline Electrolysis

In the second step the water is split into hydrogen and oxygen using an alkaline electrolsysis cell. ZEF is looking into smart mass manufacturing concepts in order to reduce costs.


Methanol Synthesis

In the final step the CO2 and hydrogen are fed into a methanol synthesis reactor. The in house developed methanol reactor allows for energy efficient conversion of both feedstocks.

World class facilities & partnerships

ZEF is located at the heart of the TU Delft campus and collaborates with world class experts from TU Delft, TNO and industry to reach the development targets. For example: ZEF developed a testing facility for running high pressure alkaline electrolysis tests in collaboration with experts from TU Delft and Nouryon.


ZEF collaborates intensively with top experts from from industry and academia in order to reach the ambitious development goals. These are some of our partners.

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