Zero Emission Fuels

We work with a multidisciplinary team to develop the system. Curious if you have the right background to join? Check out the list below!

Mechanical Engineering 300 x 300

Mechanical Engineers

Are you a mechanical engineer with a background in Process & Energy Technology or Systems & Control?  Then this might be the perfect project for you! If you are currently in / or finalizing your bachelor we can also talk.
Physics 300 x 300


Are you an (applied) physics student interested in sustainable energy technology? Then we have a position for you! You broad background makes it easy to understand the different subsystems. Check out the possibilities!
Chemical Engineering 300 x 300

Chemical Engineering

Do you have a background in chemical engineering and do you find it interesting to think about new energy systems? Then this project might be very interesting for you!
Industrial Design 300 x 300

Industrial Design

In this project we are building a chemical plant as a product. For this we need teammembers who think in terms of product design: Industrial Designers. Are you a technically oriented industrial designer? Join the team!
Electronics 300 x 300

Electrical / Mechatronics Engineering

Electronics / mechatronics is a key part in the development of the system. If you find it interesting to set up PCB’s and tinker with Arduino’s? Then we have a position for you!
Computer Science 300 x 300

Computer Science

Software needs to be written in order to simulate the system. If you have a background in Computer Science and if you want to work in a multidisciplinary team then this is a project for you!
Research Instrumentmaker 300x300

Research Instrument Maker

Throughout the project we are constantly building components for the different systems. Therefore people who are skilled at or willing to learn how to build components are always welcome!
Operations 300 x 300


Having a smoothly running organization is a key part that determines the success or faillure of the project. If you are skilled at the organizational part of things you can also apply for the team!