Hydrogen water

Alkaline Electrolysis Cell

Codename: #teamAEC

The main function of the Alkaline Electrolysis Cell (AEC) is to split H2O (from air) into H2 and O2. The AEC consists of Nickel-mesh electrodes, pressed on either side of a porous membrane. The membrane is very hydrophilic, and thus repels gas bubbles. This effectively keeps H2 bubbles on one side, and O2 bubbles on the other side of the membrane. The O2 is purged to the atmosphere; the H2 is buffered in an H2 buffer..


Process modeling (calculate stuff)

  • Electrochemical cell model (dynamic in matlab)
  • Heat and mass transfer in stack.
  • I-V curve & H2/O2 production dependent on void fraction, temperature, concentration, geometry, etc.
  • Design PFD

Component design (draw stuff)

  • 3D CAD
  • Stack design
  • FEM: Pressure and Temperature
  • Mould (re)design
  • Talk to suppliers / manufacturers / Industrial design experts

Experimenting / Testing (build stuff)

  • Casting setup (vacuum casting)
  • Electrode making
  • Recipe from David Vermaas or McCrory
  • Influence different electrodes & catalyst
  • Full system run and check H2 quality / efficiency

Personal Skills

Process & Energy Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Industrial Design

Software Skills

COCO Simulator / Aspen
Fusion 360 / Solid Works

We are working with the excellent Zirfon Pearl membranes from Agfa!

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