Industrial designers needed!

Team ZEF has created a challenge: Design and build a product that can produce >100 g zero emission methanol per day using energy from the sun (300 W PV-system) and CO2 and water directly from air before the 1st of January 2018. To make it we need industrial designers because we want to design a chemical plant as a product.

How it works

In order to make methanol from sunlight and air we combine several subsystems. First we use a solar panel to convert solar irradiation into electricity. Then we use a direct air capture unit to capture CO2 and water from air. Next we store the CO2 in a buffer and we split the water into hydrogen using alkaline electrolysis. Then we let the CO2 and water react to a mixture of methanol and water. Lastly we use on plate distillation in order to split the methanol from the water.

Industrial Design Challenges

Industrial designers play a pivotal role in the design of each subsystem.
solar dessert

PV System

Make a 3D CAD model of the solar panel.

Direct Air Capture

Make a 3D CAD model of the novel CO2 revolver unit.
Hydrogen water

Alkaline Electrolysis

Make a redesign of the existing alkaline electrolysis mould.
Methanol Lab

Methanol Synthesis

Design and prototype a reactor  and compressor.
Control system

Control Hardware

Design and 3D print the housing of the electronics.
Lab on plate

Piping System

Work out a 2D parametric model for the novel piping concept.
Heat pipe

On plate distillation

Design and prototype a heat pipe.
Microfluidic pump 2

Fluid Machinery

Design and prototype a compresor.

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Dreamteam Experience

Almost graduated, but never had the Delft Dream Team experience? This is your chance to work in a similar environment and apply your knowledge to something relevant.


Relevant Challenge

Do we really need to build another car or boat? The challenges we face as society are much bigger than that! Work on something which is extremely relevant and challenging.


Topnotch Team

This is a highly ambitious project, therefore the team members need to be highly motivated and talented. Your team will be the best and brightest, dare to apply?

Highly Qualified Team


Hessel Jongebreur


Hessel Jongebreur (43), Experienced CEO of technology start-ups with 2 succesfull exits (TyTecker 2005, Ephicas 2012) Yes!Delft board member 2005-2015 & co-founder Rif 010 . Advisory board several tech start-ups (2005-now) Member selection committee Yes!Delft & entrepreneur in residence. Chairman innovation Fund committee Rabobank Zuid-Holland-midden.

Jan van Kranendonk


Jan van Kranendonk (32), Mechanical/Process Engineer [graduated cum-laude with a 10, in Dec. 2011 TUDelft], two companies founded during study (Mobile gaming / Styrofoam cutting), Cofounder Sunuru 2011-2013, innovation-adviser to TNO, Argos oil, Eneco, BAM, Ultimaker, co-founder Venture Generator [2015-2016], started Peeeks & Dutch-Analytics.

Ulrich Starke


Ulrich Starke (26), Mechanical/Process Engineer [graduated Dec 2016 TUDelft], co-founded a marketing consultancy company during studies (2013-2015 now MilkAndSoda), co-founded the Blue Battery (2013-2015 now AquaBattery B.V.), co-founded Heemraad Kliniek (2016). Collaborated with the whole Venture Generator team and helped start Dutch-Analytics (2016).

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